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A Message From Our New Chairman:

LP Chairman, Phillip Cornell

     I would like to start by offering my heartfelt thanks to Matt Hasty, our former Chairman. I credit Matt with keeping me motivated and inspired when the Libertarian Party of Florida had challenges a few years ago. Matt worked tirelessly at all levels, National, State and local to keep the party going strong. Our Party’s achievement of 4% of the national vote was a team effort. Matt continues to impress me with his knowledge of the Florida political scene. He will always be our Oracle.  Not to be left out is the whole team who has kept the faith.

     I also want to thank all the people who have inspired, motivated and endured; too many to list by name. Many of our teammates accomplish amazing things behind the scenes. My thanks to them who contribute so much, fueled by their passion. I also want to thank those who believe in me. Choosing me as the new Chair is not a victory, it is merely passing the torch. Matt and others have earned the right to sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Thanks to all of you.

     As we move forward, I want to create a unified vision and line of effort. I feel our goal should be to get Libertarians elected at the local level; city, county and state. To accomplish that, we need to focus on a couple efforts. I will work with our Executive Committee to set goals for the upcoming year. In the interim, I want to start on two paths, Outreach (spread the word) and Membership (increasing registered party members and LP Seminole membership). As Shaun Kunz (Vice Chairman) has reminded us, we need to live the values of our party and always take the opportunity to spread the word. I feel that as we increase membership through recruiting, and by spreading awareness, we will naturally support our goals of getting Libertarians elected. I think the measure of our success will be our voter rolls. If we don’t increase our roles, we wind up being just background noise. Voters equal action.

I look forward to working together to take back our government and restore power to the citizens and local communities.


Phillip Cornell


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